[Daily Impact #54: Saturday Morning Cartoons]

It saddens me knowing my kids will never know or understand the simple joys of Saturday Morning Cartoons after a long week of school.

I know they will have their own versions of nostalgia from childhood when they become adults, but there was just something special about waiting all week for that 30-minute cartoon you loved and/or being bombarded with commercials of all the new toys to hit the shelves.

Instant streaming, while awesome for binge watching, is just not the same. Because most everything we watch is commercial-free streaming, my kids don’t understand commercials and actually get upset when they come on.

Because we can pause a show whenever we want, they will never understand the 3-4 commercial race to go pee or run to the kitchen for more cereal before your show comes back on.

And they certainly don’t understand how if we missed a show, that was it, we may never see that episode again, and I think their attention span sometimes suffers because of that.

Or maybe, just maybe, the problem is me.

Maybe as an adult, I know how stressful and unjust the world really is, and my nostalgia for the past is a sort of protective mechanism for wanting to protect my children from the realities of the world they will someday have to face.

Maybe my nostalgia is nothing more than wanting to escape to a simpler time, before adulting, when my biggest worry was having to get to school on time and get my homework done.

A time before Left vs Right, global pandemics, climate change, and a multitude of other stresses we face everyday. A time when we believed that we had our whole life before us, we could be anything we wanted to be, and we couldn’t wait to ‘grow up’.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that as a kid, there was something special about Saturday Morning Cartoons, and watching my kids now, I don’t see that same level of excitement and anticipation with the instant gratification world we now live in.

So as I sip my coffee this morning and continue to Shelter In Place, I think I’ll retreat to my adult version of Saturday Morning Cartoons and turn on some cooking shows while I remember simpler times and escape from the stresses of adult life for a few hours.