[Daily Impact #51] “Moving forward from the fog…”

I can’t believe it’s September.

Children either began or returned to school yesterday.

Almost overnight, the weather cooled and if you look around, some trees are beginning to change and drop their leaves.

Time continues to march on, and in the blink of an eye, years have passed by us in what feels like weeks or months.

When I was younger, I remember sitting around and dreaming of all the things I was going to do when I ‘grew up’.

Days seemed to drag on and school felt like it was never going to end.

I was looking to the future, hoping that it would just hurry up and get here.

Now that I am ‘grown up’, I sit and reflect back on the past 25 years since I graduated high school and wonder where did the time go.

The past 25 years seemed to have passed me by faster than the first 20 ever did.

It’s funny how the naiveitivity of youth makes us feel like we have nothing but time before us, but the reality is that with each passing day we are closer to the grave than we are the crib.

We live our lives as if time is on our side and that we are winning the game of hide and seek we are playing with Father Time.

But Father Time is conspiring with the Grim Reaper as we confidently go through our lives in a fog. All the while the two of them are slowly closing in on us.

Most of us are not really living, but instead are just going through the motions.

Wake up, go to work, clean the house, pay the bills, raise some kids, etc…

Wash, rinse, repeat, day after day.

The dreams of our youth forgotten as we navigate the shackles of limitation that we have placed upon ourselves.

I recently took a 4 month break from social media and the internet to clear my mind, center myself, and meditate on life.

The result of that time of reflection is the realization that I have been living life in a fog for too long, just going through the motions, and it is time to refocus and embrace a Challenge Based Life instead.

A Challenge Based Life is more than just a concept, it is a code of living that myself and my fellow StoryAthletes choose to live by.

It is a life of pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones both mentally and physically because embracing the ‘suck’ is what forces us to grow and makes life worth living.

Pain = Growth

It is a code that is not always easy, and is often times painful, but the journey is necessary to truly grow and become the person you are destined to be.
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