[Daily Impact #50] “Journal it…”

Yesterday in my entrepreneurial group, my mentor told the story of how this past week his son had a hitting clinic for baseball with Hank Jones who was a long time scout for the LA Dodgers.

In the story there were life lessons, words of wisdom, and if you play baseball…a tip or two on hitting.

But that is not what stood out for me.

One of the first things Hank Jones asked the kids at this clinic was if they had a journal.

He then instructed them to go home after this clinic, get out a journal, and write down what they learned that day so that they will know it and not forget it.

These couple of sentences were not even the point of the story, but they captured my attention and got me thinking about what I don’t write down so I remember it, especially when it comes to reading.

I read a lot of books. At any given time I am usually reading 2 or 3 different books at the same time, mostly about personal development, business building/theory, or biographies of business leaders.

In these books I may highlight a passage that stands out to me or make a few notes in the margins, but if I am being honest with myself, a lot of the knowledge and lessons contained in these books are forgotten soon after I move on to the next book or two.

But Hank’s words resonated with me and got me thinking that maybe I should start journaling after each chapter I read, so I don’t forget what I learned. Specifically what stood out to me and how did that impact me.

So often there are concepts that I want to remember and draw ideas from, but I don’t always remember where I read them, so I will spend time flipping through pages of books, skimming their pages, hoping I find the passage or concept I am looking for, but most often failing in the process.

By journaling after each chapter I read, I will reinforce what I have just learned, and create a document of knowledge that I can easily reference for future use.

After 16 years of schooling and note taking, one would think this would not be a revolutionary concept, but apparently I needed a reminder that learning never stops and the study skills we learned so long ago in school are still very applicable as adults.
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