[Daily Impact #49] “I want to be like Batman…”

10 weeks ago I set a goal for myself…to be able to do 100 push ups.

With a goal in place, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get there. So I picked up my phone, went to the App Store and searched ‘100 Push Ups’.

To my surprise, there are many apps that promise they can train you to be able to be able to do 100 push ups. I found one I liked by Fitness 22, paid $2.99 for it, and was ready to begin my journey to achieve my goal.

For many, 100 push ups may not sound that difficult, but push ups are something I have struggled with all my life.

My body type is more of a slight build with not a lot of muscle mass. In the past I have tried hitting the gym hard to build more upper body mass and strength, but I have always found the gym to be boring and a waste of time, so my commitment was never quite there.

Nevertheless, I have always wanted to be like Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’ where he gets out of bed, falls forward, and starts busting out push ups like it’s nothing, but if I would have ever tried that, I likely would have hit my face on the floor and broke my nose instead.

All journeys have to start somewhere though.

On Monday February 4th, I woke up, pressed ‘start’ for the first time, and did the first workout: 18 total push ups, divided into 4 sets of 5-5-5-3 push ups.

That wasn’t so bad.

Each day increased the amount of push ups I did. Day 2 had me doing 20 push ups, Day 3 was 25 push ups, Day 12 was 35 push ups, and so on.

As the sets and reps increased, so did the challenge. Especially once it started to get to 17 or 18 reps in a set.

If my mind was in the right place, I could do the first 3 or 4 sets without much trouble, struggling on the 5th set.

But if I was having a low energy day, or my mind was not fully focused on the task at hand, I was in trouble at the end of the second set. Often times needing to take a couple seconds ‘break’ in order to recover enough to squeeze out 2 or 3 more reps to keep on pace to finish the workout for that day.

This speaks to what I was talking about yesterday when I said that a prerequisite to success was having the right mindset.

Physically I had no problem doing 3-4 sets of 15-20 push ups, but if my mind is not fully engaged in the task for that day, the number dropped to 2 sets of 15-20, at best, before I begin to struggle.

But I kept at it, embraced the struggle, and pushed through the pain.

Little by little, 1% by 1%, I got better, and reached a new PR (Personal Record) every day.

As of yesterday, I am proud to say that for the first time in my life, I achieved my goal of being able to do 100 push ups.

I would like to say that achieving my goal gave me a sense of satisfaction (well, I guess it did for about a day), but it made me hungry for more.

Instead of being content with my accomplishment, next week I will begin working towards 2 new goals: 200 push ups and 20 pull ups.

I’m not at the ‘Batman’ level of push ups I aspire to yet, but I’ll get there someday.
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