[Daily Impact #43] “How I do business…”

I don’t have a Listing Presentation or Buyers Presentation.

I also don’t practice scripts or spend time memorizing ways to combat objections.

All of this is Real Estate 101, or so ‘they’ say.

Most major Brokerages have some sort of ‘skill builder’ course they encourage you to take when you first get in the business.

Some even encourage or expect you to take their ‘skill building’ course multiple times per year.

The point of these courses are to teach the new agent the skills needed to be a salesperson in today’s market.

I paid my $500 and sat through my 2 week ‘skill building’ course when I first got into real estate.

Yes, in real estate, you have to pay your employer to teach you the ‘skills’ they want you to practice, but that is a story for another day.

I remember learning such valuable skills such as how to influx my voice at the end of a sentence to get the sale. We actually stood around practicing voice fluctuations with the belief that this was the secret to sales.

Another ‘successful’ agent shared his secret of getting listings, print off a 2-inch thick book of market data to hand the prospect at the listing presentation. “It doesn’t matter what it is in. Most people will never look at it anyway, but it positions you as an expert that did their homework”.

We also learned how to access and use the Listing Presentations ‘they’ created for us and what to say with each turn of the page. This way when we showed up at the door, we would sound exactly like every other agent from that same brokerage who promised they were ‘different’ and would get their house sold.

I remember sitting through those 8 hour days thinking to myself that this is bullshit and that I can’t believe I wasted $500 for this.

Since graduating from that ‘skill building’ course, I have never used a Listing Presentation or memorized sales scripts.

Personally, I believe to do so makes you fake and not authentic.

Instead, I prefer to come over and listen. To have an actual conversation to learn about you, your needs, and expectations.

I want to learn about when you bought your home, why you bought it, why you love it, why are you moving. Tell me about the Christmases and holidays spent in your home, raising a family, and everything in between.

I don’t even have a price prepared for you at this point as to what I think your home should be listed at, and I shouldn’t. I have never set foot in or seen your home. How can anyone truly put a value on something they have never seen before.

Well, I know the secret to that too. The Listing Presentation software ‘they’ designed does that for you based on an algorithm.

Most other agents will disagree with my approach.

Sure they will talk a good game about wanting to learn about your wants and needs, but they all have their scripts all planned out and are just waiting for for the opening to slip them in, only half listening to what you are saying because they came to your home with a preconceived notion of what they have planned.

I prefer to let the conversation go where it flows instead.

I have no preconceived plan. No prepared script. This is as much a job interview for me as it is for you. I don’t work with everyone I meet, and sometimes I find the best service I can do for you is to refer you to someone else that may be better suited to you and your needs.

If, after that first meeting, we mutually decide we are a good fit for each other and want to work together, then it’s time to get to work on getting your home ready for sale, and/or helping you find your next home.

I don’t believe it is good business to put the cart before the horse, yet so many others in this industry do just that being more focused on getting the ‘sale’ instead of really listening to the client.

Buying and selling a home, for most, is a personal and emotional event in one’s life, and I make sure I honor that in how I do business with my clients.
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