[Daily Impact #41] “The journey continues…”

28 days ago, I began a Challenge with the goal to examine and challenge my character, and as well as force me to be consistent in my efforts towards becoming a better version of myself.

One of the areas we focused on was the Body.

A strong body is the foundation upon which success in so many other aspects of our life is built upon.

A weak body will leave us lethargic, lacking in motivation, and clouds our mind.

All of which is an antithesis to success.

Whereas a strong body will leave us full of energy, motivation, confidence, and a focused mind.

All of which are the ingredients necessary for success.

We began our Body Work with a benchmark workout consisting of Push-ups, Squats, Sit-ups, and Burpees.

The workout was simple enough. Do as many reps of an exercise that you can in 2 minutes. Rest a minute, then move onto the next exercise. Total time, 12 minutes.

For the next 4 weeks, we were given a body-weight, CrossFit inspired workout to do twice per week called, ‘The 12 Minutes of Death’.

These workouts are designed to leave you on the floor in a puddle of your own sweat and shame for allowing yourself to become weak in body and mind.

More than once during these workouts I thought I was going to vomit, and I loved it.

If you are not pushing yourself to the point of complete exhaustion in a workout, you need to find the focus to bring yourself to a new level of pain.

Only through pain do we achieve growth.

This past week we retested our benchmark workout to chart and track our progress.

My results:

Push-ups – Previous: 28 -> Current: 39 = 39% increase
Squats with a Jump – Previous: 50 -> Current: 45 = 10% decrease
Sit-ups – Previous: 47 -> Current: 58 = 23% increase
Burpees with a Hop – Previous: 20 -> Current: 24 = 20% increase

With the exception of the Squats, which I think I may have miscounted in my original Benchmark Test, I saw a 20% or greater increase in my progress in less than 4 weeks.

Too often people think they need to commit to some complicated, time consuming, and lengthy program that requires specialized equipment or a gym, but that is often not the case.

Just getting off your ass and doing something a few days a week can yield tremendous results.

This is not just limited to fitness though.

In whatever challenge you are facing in life, just getting off your ass and doing something will yield positive results.

The hardest part is just getting started.

Today marks the conclusion of the 28 Day Challenge I committed to on March 4th.

Throughout this Challenge, I completed every assignment and challenge laid before me.

While this challenge may be over, my story continues.

The commitment to the 1% Journey never rests.
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