[Daily Impact #37] “Sometimes you just have to laugh…”

My wife bought a new car a while back.

Since they say a car sits unused 80-90% of the time, but is one of the most expensive items to own and maintain, we tried being a one care family.

We were able to make it work for a few years, but a growing family, a longer commute to work for my wife, and my needing to meet with clients on short notice made owning one car impractical.

She ended up buying a beautiful black Volkswagon Vetta over her lunch hour one day.

Because she had taken the Jeep to work, and I was at home with the kids, we had no way of getting the car home that day.

Luckily the salesperson offered to drop the car off at our house after his shift.

Problem solved.

Several hours later, a shiny black car rolls into the driveway, I am handed the keys, and just like that we have a new car.

Being a guy, I walk around it and look it over like I have any idea what I am doing or looking for.

It looks cool, so that’s good enough for me.

Time to put her in the garage.

I open the garage door, turn the key…nothing.

It won’t start.

I try it again.

Won’t start.

Maybe there is a button I have to push while turning the key.

Nope, no button, so I try turning the key again.


No click, no sound from the engine, nothing.

I’m confused.

I grab the owner’s manual, go inside and read it. Hoping for some insight to teach me the trick to start this car.

For the next hour I read the manual, go out and try starting the car over and over again with the same result.

I even try calling the dealership back to ask them how this lemon of a car they sold us starts, but they are closed.

My wife finally gets home and is beaming with pride over her new car.

She asks what I think of it and I tell her that I love it, but we have a problem. It won’t start.

She looks at me confused and asks, “What do you mean it won’t start?”

I explain to her the the man from the dealership dove it here, parked it, handed me the keys and when I went to start it back up, nothing. It won’t start.

Concerned she grabs a set of keys, goes over to the car, turns the key, and without missing a beat the car starts.

I’m staring in disbelief. My wife is looking at me like I’m an idiot.

After some bantering back and forth, she asks me, “Did you put your foot on the break?”

Of course I put my foot on the…ummmmm….no, wait…break?

With the Jeep, you don’t need to engage the break in order to start it, so I’ve just gotten used to putting the key in and turning it.

It didn’t even occur to me to put my foot on the break to start the car, even though the light on the dashboard keep blinking ‘BREAK’ at me.

I just had to stand there and laugh at myself.

My wife, on the other hand, was still looking at me like I was an idiot.
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