[Daily Impact #31] “Finding time…”

I love to read.

At any given time, I am reading 3-4 different books at once.

Usually I am reading something related to personal development, something about nutrition and fitness, and some sort of fiction to just entertain and clear the mind.

I love to exercise the mind and contemplate new thoughts and ideas, and how I can use those to better myself and/or those around me,

The problem with all of that reading is that it requires a lot of sitting around and that drives me nuts.

I am a very active person. I would rather be doing something physical, testing and pushing my body, than sitting around playing a video game, watching TV, or even reading (gasp, yes I said it).

Lately I have been stepping up my fitness game again.

2 kids, a house, and a real estate business have a way of dominating your time. It’s easy for fitness slide down the list of priorities as one goes about their day if you don’t find creative ways to maximize your time.

Someone I have always admired who was a master of finding creative ways to maximize his time was Bruce Lee.

In his book, ‘The Art of Expressing the Human Body’, Bruce Lee would talk about how he would balance on one leg while reading a book and curling a dumbbell. He was always multitasking and finding ways to be more efficient with his time.

This got me to thinking how I could maximize my time while finding ways to fit more fitness in to my day.

Now, instead of sitting and reading 30 minutes of personal development, I will take my book and go spin for 30 minutes on the bike and get in a good sweat at the same time. Why listen to music when I can exercise the mind at the same time I exercise the body.

Push ups have always been a weakness of mine, so I went to the App Store and downloaded an app that promises 100 push ups in 10 weeks. Now instead of just making the bed, or cleaning the kitchen, I will start up my app, do the number of push ups it tells me, and continue cleaning during the rest phases.

I always hear people complain that they don’t have enough time in their day to do this or that, especially when it comes to fitness. Little changes like those to my routine have sneakily helped me to squeeze more into my day than I would otherwise have been able to do.
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