[Daily Impact #23] “Life is an unexpected journey…”

I sit here this morning thinking back to my childhood..

My hopes, dreams, wants, desires, plans, what I wanted in life, where I thought my journey would take me, and where I ultimately ended up.

I always envied those that came out of high school with a plan and executed it.

That was not me.

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. While everyone was visiting and applying to colleges, I was watching from the sidelines. In fact, I did not send in my first application for college acceptance until April of my senior year.

Looking back, I am lucky I even got accepted after applying so late.

I originally declared a major of elementary education. After years of teaching swimming lessons and working in a child care early on, I knew I liked teaching and working with kids.

I spent 3 years teaching preschool and soon came to realize that teaching kids wasn’t for me. It wasn’t the kids I didn’t like, it was the parents that made me hate the job.

I spent the next 20 years in EMS.

Firefighter, EMT, Dispatcher, Police Reserve.

In EMS, eventually your body or mind gives out and forces you to retire. For me, it was the growing wear and tear on my body. I knew that if I did not call it quits when the opportunity presented itself, that I was going to eventually suffer a long term injury.

From there, I knew that whatever I did next, it had to involve helping people. It is hardwired into me. I also knew that I can be hard headed and do not make a very good employee. I am just too independently minded for that, and spending 20 years in the back of an ambulance calling your own shots doesn’t help.

I entered the field of real estate and became a Realtor, where I still am today. For me, it embodies the best of all worlds. I can educate clients, and continue to help and protect them as they navigate the predatory world of real estate. Best yet, instead of seeing people in the worst moments of their life, I can now be part of some of their happiest memories.

Along this journey there have been many, many twists and turns.

Love and loss, happiness and despair, success and failure…

But nothing could have prepared me for where my journey has taken me.

Minnesota is one of only 6 States that does not have a law on the books that protects women from terminating parental rights of their attacker in cases of rape.

Currently my case sits in review before the Minnesota Supreme Court as myself and my wife continue to fight for Women’s Rights in cases of rape.

I don’t know where this journey and fight will take me, but I do know that until my last breath, I will fight so that no woman, or child, in Minnesota has to endure what me and my wife are going through.

Whether through the courts or through the legislature, whether I find a law maker that will fight for our cause or I run for office and fight for our cause myself, I will not rest until women in Minnesota can rest easy knowing that they are safe from their attacker trying to continue to exert power and control over them.

A woman is more than an object of desire, or an incubator for a baby. A woman and her child are not the property of a man, even though Minnesota law continues to say otherwise.

This is my journey and my cause, and it is one I am proud to continue to fight for.


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