[Daily Impact #22] “Off Days Happen…”

Last week, following yet another snow storm, the roads were terrible. Many were impassable due to snow drifts over 6 feet tall, or travel was not recommended. This lasted for days.

I made the decision that I was not going to hockey that week. The drive just was not worth it. But I was curious how my team did, so I texted one of my teammates.

“How did the game go tonight?”

“We won. 3-2”

“Nice. Did everyone behave?”


This is not good.

I run a hockey league and this season has been rough. Players are taking the game way too serious and it’s getting really chippy on the ice. We all have jobs and families to take care of, and I take the safety of my players very serious.

The next day, I come to find out that 2 players were ejected that night due to Unsportsman Like Conduct. This kind of behavior is not what this League is about.

As I talk to my Captains and try to piece together what happened, my mood plummets, and in turn this affects my day.

I have work to do. I have phone calls to make, emails to return, and a business to run, but I’m annoyed and my mind is in a fog and not in a place to concentrate to do anything.

Off days happen. Somedays you just wake up and everything is just ‘off’. Other days, external factors beyond your control can sabotage your day.

The one thing we do control is our attitude and how we choose to react to those situations that are ‘seemingly beyond our control’.

I say ‘seemingly beyond our control’ for a reason. I have found that most of the ‘drama’ that affects our days and moods are factors that we had control of at one point, and either choose not to deal with it, or dealt with it improperly.

In my situation above, I choose not to deal with the factors that were present weeks ago, and that eventually lead to 2 players being ejected from a game, and me having to deal with a mess of unhappy people.

If I would have dealt with this weeks ago when the warning signs presented themselves, I likely would not be in the situation I was in. But instead, I choose the easy path and did nothing. Now I am taking hours out of my day to deal with a situation that likely could have been derailed weeks ago in far less time.

I need to get back and fix the immediate problem right now though….me.

The past is the past, and I can’t change that. All I can do is focus on the now and move forward.

Athletics have always been my outlet for stress. I have found that a good, hard sweat can can cure what ails me most of the time. So I head downstairs, jump on the bike, and sweat it out for 30 minutes.

The result…a new Justin full of energy and a clear mind.

Off days happen. How we choose to deal with those days is what helps to define us.


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