[Daily Impact #14] “I’m getting too old…”

I have not remained consistent with my workouts.

It’s true.

It started this Summer when I decided to take the Summer off from Hockey.

I was feeling mentally exhausted from 9 months of Hockey and managing a Hockey League. My body felt a little beat up, so I thought it would be best to take a break and let my body heal.

I am not sure that was a good idea.

Around this same time, we also moved, so that required boxing up the entire house and moving it 40 miles away. Believe me, if you ever tried moving with 2 little kids under foot, this is no easy task.

My current home workout also ended around this time, so it made sense to take a break from that and focus on moving.

That’s when my body decided to revolt on me.

I developed, what I believed to be, tendinitis in my knee. I will never know for sure because I didn’t go to a doctor to find out, but I developed this horrible burning and pulling in my knee every time I bent down. Not a good thing for a goalie to develop.

Then my thumb on my Glove-hand swelled and stiffened up. I think I had a sprain for a while, but never realized it until I stopped using it on a regular basis.

It hurt to bend down, it hurt to grab things and hold things, I felt like I aged 20 years in a matter of months.

Again, I decided the best thing to do would be to ice and rest my injuries so I did not continue to aggravate them.

Now I am not sure if I gained any weight during this time because I took my scale out to a field and went all ‘Office Space’ on that shit months ago. I don’t focus on numbers on a scale, but on how my clothes fit and feel. That is a much better measure of how you feel in your body.


Hockey started up again in October and I still was not 100%, not even close, but I had a decision to make, do I miss an entire season, or do I play and hope there was not anything seriously wrong with my knees.

Obviously I choose the later.

My motto is, ‘If you can’t get hurt doing it, it’s not worth doing’.

Clearly I had to strap on the pads and play.

The first couple games were painful.

Anytime I caught a puck, a jolt of electricity would shoot up my arm from my thumb, and anytime I was in butterfly position, it felt like I was going to rip something in my knee as it burned and pulled.

But then something started to happen.

I began to heal.

My knee pain and thumb issue completely disappeared.

I literally woke up one morning and felt just fine.

I’m not sure what happened.

Maybe it was magical locker room beer, maybe it was something else on a physiological level, but I am going to go with the magical beer. Yea, that seem much more likely…

But apparently at 45 years of age, I don’t need to rest, I just need to keep going.

So I am back on the ‘intensity train’ once again with a focus on functional training and yoga.

Unless I require surgery for something, no more slowing down and resting.

I’m getting too old for that shit.
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