[Daily Impact #9] “I’m a terrible employee…”

It’s true.

I arrive early.

I do more than what is expected of me.

I find problems and fix them.

I stay late.

I will help cover shifts.

I will work holidays without question.


I will not do bullshit work just to look busy.

I am not saying this because I am lazy, or that I don’t want to work hard, or am Oppositional defiant, or don’t follow direction, etc…

Bullshit work takes away from one’s ability to see beyond the ‘big picture’, to see problems before they arise and address them, to work on any personal shortcomings that will improve your skill set, and so on.

Companies like Apple and Google thrive because their employees are not weighed down by the burden of bullshit work, but are instead given the freedom to problem solve and grow.

I am a problem solver.

This trait does not make for a very good employee because employers generally do not want problem solvers working for them. They want employees that will do their assignment without question.

Fortunately for me, this trait is perfect for entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, I am free to identify problems I see in my industry, and among agents as a whole, and work to establish protocols and solutions to address them that result in superior outcomes for my clients.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I am not confined to a limited skill set or single way of doing things.

I am able to be more than just a real estate agent.

This is important as I begin to transform and shift my business from being just a real estate agent to a Media Company, comma real estate agent.

To be able to grow and evolve.

To lead, instead of follow.

To see the changing landscape of real estate before it happens, and be able to position myself instead of reacting to it.

At my core I am an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs make terrible employees.

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