[Daily Impact #7] “The World doesn’t need another Real Estate Agent…”

I am first going to preface this story with ‘No, I am not quitting Real Estate.’

A couple of my recent stories gave some people the impression that I am quitting Real Estate, and that is simply not the case.

While I don’t enjoy being just another faceless person in a negative-reputation business, I do actually enjoy helping people finding their next ‘Home’.

After nearly 20 years helping people in the worst moments of their life, it was important that my next career continued to help people. Real Estate gives me the opportunity to be be part of the happiest moments in a person’s life.

This is a welcome change, and an important one for me.

I have always been a Protector in my community since I was a teenager.

I first started as a Lifeguard when I was just 16 years old and within a few years, was working alongside Saint Paul Fire and Police in rewriting the Emergency Response Protocols for the City of Saint Paul Aquatics.

From there I joined Falcon Heights Fire where I earned the rank of Rescue Captain after a few years.

Then I moved on to LifeLink III and spent the next 15 years as a Professional EMT, where I served on too many committees and leadership roles to list here.

Finally I finished my EMS career with the Minnesota State Fair Police as a Reserve Officer for 6 years.

When I say I have lived my life as a Protector, I have the background to back it up.

Unfortunately, Real Estate has not lived up to my expectations I had going into this industry. It is not easy being distrusted before you even set foot in the door when you served half of your life experiencing the exact opposite of that reaction.

That’s why I can’t be just another Real Estate Agent.

Real Estate gives me the opportunity to build relationships, serve and make an impact in my community, establish philanthropic endeavors, and continue to be that Leader and Protector I have been my whole life.

Real Estate is not the endgame for me. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Real Estate is the vehicle to make my dreams and visions become a reality.

My life has been in servitude to others.

To run towards danger, when others run away.

To make the hard choices, when going with the flow would be so much easier.

To serve my State and Country in Congress has always been a long term goal of mine, and my business will someday help me get there.

But right now I am learning the skills and tools to help me execute my vision.

To be a storyteller.

To inspire people to action.

To be the change I want to see in the World.

The World doesn’t need another Real Estate Agent.

What the World needs is someone that is willing to stand up for, and fight for, those that cannot stand up for themselves.

And that someone, is me.
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