[Daily Impact #10] “I’m a Protector…”

Today, my mentor spoke about mindset.

A mindset is something that you believe, that empowers you to become.

They are amplifiers of our natural ability. Negative mindsets destroy our natural ability, keeping our potential trapped inside of us. While empowering mindsets amplify our natural ability, making it possible for us to unlock our potential.

Like Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t…you’re right.

I’m often asked, “what do you do?”

I hate this question because I am so much more than what I do to make money.

I am an entrepreneur. I am a business owner. I am a problem solver. I am a philanthropist.

But this question about ‘mindset’ today really got me thinking and looking inward at myself.

Who am I?

What do I do?

What is my mindset that empowers me to become?

What I came to realize is that I am truly a Protector.

I know I have written about that before, but when I really looked inward at myself, my moral compass is hardwired to Protect.

The question then becomes, ‘What do I Protect?’

In short, everything.

My businesses. My health. My relationships. My mind. My Family. My Friends. My Community.

I find myself slipping into old protective roles all of the time.
If I am at a pool or lake, I can’t relax and enjoy myself because my mindset slips to my lifeguard days and my head is on a swivel making sure everyone is safe and protected.

If I am out with my friends or family, my police and EMS training kicks in and I am constantly surveying the scene looking for any dangers and establishing ‘scene safety’.

Like I said, I am hardwired to protect.

I read today that NAR (National Association of Realtors) estimates that 6 out of 10 agents act unethically.

6 out of 10!!!

Because most agents act and behave as salespersons first, personal profit usually is at the forefront of their actions.

Usually the unethical act is subtle. Telling a client that a particular home is unavailable because it pays out a lower commission, or encouraging a client to make an offer on another home because the agent who sells it receives a bonus at Closing.

I can’t imagine behaving in such a way.

I remember when I was in my 20s and selling skis for a living, the store I was working at would give a bonus for every set of skis sold. When you are making minimum wage, every little bit helps.

One day this girl came in looking for a new set of racing skis. We went through every ski on the rack and spent hours trying to find a ski that was the right fit for her. Rather than sell her something that would have ‘worked’, I sent her to another store so that she could find the optimal ski for her.

Yes I lost out on a bonus, but it was the right thing to do. Rather than waste her time and money, that internal, moral compass made sure she was Protected first.

(As a side note, that same girl was hired by the store I sent her to and we actually started dating a while later and eventually married for a while.)

Like I said, my mindset is that of a Protector.

It is what I believe and who I am hard-wired to be.
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