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I focus on a relationship based model and not one of dollars and cents. Of course this is my job and the goal is to make money; however, the old ways of begging and brown-nosing are done and gone.

Some agents promise you the world, some promise you “top dollar” or we’ll buy it nonsense, some buy into Barbara Cochran’s and other programs and some have penned the Be Generous avenue. Do you want to know what is generous? Dropping family plans at the last minute because we listened and wanted to work into your time-frame, showing 100 plus houses on our dime to have a customer decide to wait for more options, staying up all hours to iron out unforeseen issues to make sure we get to the closing table, endless meetings, lunches and coffee dates to never hear from a prospective customer again and my favorite…countless conversations, emails and research to get someone approved, to have them use their relative that just got their Real Estate license. 

That is generous because I go into every conversation knowing that nothing is guaranteed until I have my check in hand. I genuinely love and enjoy meeting and getting to know you, story-telling and educating. Does it suck when something falls through? You bet your ass it does. But I wouldn’t change my “job” for the world.

I want to share who I am so I write and often don’t focus on real estate trends or the market. If you want to know I’m happy to have a conversation about that; but you’re here either looking for your next home, first home, or wanting to detach from one, which is much bigger than a set of data. 

I’m a father and family man. My children are often around, included and I highly encourage you to do the same. I focus mainly in the Metro and SE MN but have clients statewide. If you’re moving out of state, I’m happy to pre-screen agents and find a referral for you. 

Even if you have a question about starting your own career in real estate, I’m to help. Reach out at any time. More to come.